• Quaich is a Scots rendering of the Gaelic word “cuach”: meaning cup.
  • The quaich, Scotland’s cup of friendship, has been used through the centuries to offer a welcoming drink at family occasions, or with friends and visitors.
  • The two-handed design of this drinking vessel incorporates trust, on the part of both giver and receiver.
  • Centuries ago Quaich’s were made of wood, and by the 17th century Quaich’s were often mounted in silver or entirely made from silver.
  • The Quaich was used for whisky or brandy, and in the 19th century Sir Walter Scott dispensed drams in silver quaichs but the quaich he kept for himself was particularly precious to him.
  • The Quaich’s unique history is often shrouded in myth and mystery, and such vessels are often amongst the most treasured possessions of those with family links, or other associations, with Scotland. Present day use of the Quaich as a gift or trophy carries with it and preserves this link with Scotland’s proud and ancient heritage. Engraving can personalise, or record for posterity, virtually any special occasion or event.

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