The OSP Package

The Old Scottish Putter Package

Each club comes mounted on its own made to measure tartan backed antique elm display board complete with celtic brass fittings. A brass engraving plate is fitted to each board to accommodate a personalised message. In addition a tartan play bag is included with each club to allow transfer from display mode to course play mode. The putter is the one club in the bag that has changed least over the last 100 years and most Scottish putters are still both legal and effective on North American greens.
Each club is individually researched and written up in the form of a framed certificate of provenance. The certificate describes the configuration of the club and gives details of the makers and sellers background. Location and family history is also covered and each club is given an approximate date of manufacture. Finally each certificate is checked and signed by a Scottish Golf Historian.
The OSP Package
Product Options
1Standard with Old Course Map$1,000.00
2With Certificate of Provenance$1,100.00
3With Personalised Engraving Plate$1,200.00
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